Mirror Booth Western Sydney

Vivacious Mirror Booth Hire in Western Sydney

Find unique mirror booth in Western Sydney 

At Hype Occasions, we offer the most innovative mirror photo booths for our clients across the region. We make taking photos on special occasions a lot more exciting and fun than it would otherwise be. We use the latest touch screen technology, high-quality photo prints, and interactive screen. Therefore, all our clients want our mirror booth services to make their special occasions even more special. Our mirror photo booths also come with features that make it easy for them to be customised. They have features such as setup templates, designs in keeping with the themes of our clients’ events, and custom signs.

We help our clients add to their party experience

Our clients can easily hire them whenever they need to. We offer various packages for our clients. Depending on the area where our clients are organising their events, we offer removal and set up services too. Our clients can always talk with our team members and find out more in this context. Our products are so extraordinary that wherever they are used, they become the talk of the town and this makes us the top name in the industry in Western Sydney.

We help our clients take it to a different level

With our help, our clients can be sure that they would experience a level of fun that they may have never experienced earlier. Our mirror photo booths are easy to use and sleek too which makes them so popular. These products come with a diverse array of features, such as:

  • Vibrant animations
  • Social games
  • Emoji stamping
  • Colourful photo countdowns
  • Touch-based photo signing
  • DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera
  • Interactive contests
  • Instant printing of photos at event
  • Our mirror booth provides clients the high definition prints they are looking for from such a product.

    Some special features of our products

    Following are some notable features of our photo booths:

  • High-definition photos
  • Friendly and professional attendants
  • Guestbook
  • Backdrop selection
  • Unlimited visits with printed photos
  • Online hosting and digital copies
  • Tailored branding and photo templates
  • Games, colourful animation, and graffiti

These are the major reasons our offerings are so popular in Western Sydney. With our photo booths, clients can be sure that they would get only the best photos. Thanks to the unlimited visits facility, our clients can take as many photos as they want – some for their friends and some for the guestbook.

We give our clients something new

A lot of clients who are tired of the old photo booths and are looking for something new. They will get unique photo booth options at Hype Occasions and this is where we fill the gap in the market which our clients love. We are proud of what we have achieved in the industry to date and much of our success is because of the latest technology that we use for our mirror booth. Apart from the new-age technology, we pay full attention to the basics of wonderful photos such as adequate lighting. Therefore, we can offer the quality that people know us for.

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