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June 14, 2021

Too Photo Booth or Not to Photo Booth?

When planning a wedding, one has to think of so many things at once. There is the date for starters, where to have it, the budget and how many to invite. I would say those are the BIG factors in planning a wedding and they are the ones most invest a lot of their time on.

I myself only got married 8 months ago and when planning our big day, I preoccupied my first 6 months of planning (mostly umming and ahhhing) over those factors.

So should I or shouldn’t I?
Its not until the last few months that people start to think, “oh hang on, we need this, we need that” etc. One of the last few things people think about is the Photo Booth. People will either want it without question or they will toss up the idea for a few more weeks or months thinking “is it worth the money”.

I will often ask people this if they are undecided about whether to hire one or not, “What do you like to do if you were at a wedding? If the answer is take selfies/photos or have fun, be entertained etc. then having the Photo Booth at your wedding is a no brainer.

Lets face it, us women love a good selfie and we would admittedly get our partners or friends involved in them with us (sometimes unwillingly like my partner) but we love it and that’s why Photo Booths are fast becoming the “norm” at weddings. It allows our fellow guests to behave like utter fools and not ruin the wedding in anyway. So you have now decided that you want one at your wedding.

So which one do I choose?
There are hundreds of different style and budgets when talking about Photo Booths. There are the traditional closed booth, where you sit in a small box with a curtain drawn, there are booths encased in inflatable walls and there are the newer more accessible open-air booths that are fast becoming a popular site at weddings across the globe.

The word Photo Booth is loosely used nowadays as they are no longer “Booths” per say but the term is still wildly used to describe them all. The open-air booths are so popular because you no longer have to try to squeeze 5-7 people in a small confined space in order to get you all in the picture without looking like sardines. You can fit (depending on the space you have or whether you have a backdrop) as many as you like in a photo.

They are also so stylish now and elegant and not at all cheesy like they used to be. The Mirror Me Photo Booth (see picture) for example is so sophisticated looking that it can easily look like its made to be in the room all the time. It is no small unit but with the beautiful frame and amazing graphics its sure to be a crowd pleaser.

I of course had this at my wedding and it was so much fun, no one had seen it before (yes..hehe) and it was very entertaining for my guests. Not to mention that if you don’t wish to pay for a photographer to stay another hour or two as well as entertainment for the night a Photo Booth is a great combination of both.

But what about our budget?
If after this you are still questioning whether to have a Photo Booth or not I take it, it comes solely down to price and what your budget will allow. Well as stated before there are many options available to suit all budgets. The Mirror Booth is at the high end of the market but you can expect to get your guests attention and monies worth as its an impressive piece of entertainment.

Whatever you decide, whether you do or you don’t or whether you go all out or stay within budget just remember its your day and no one is going to call you out on it for not having one at your wedding. They are a personal choice and something that couples often overlook until its too late. So if you do want one, get in quick with your booking as dates fill up very fast and many companies often have to say no to people because they are so busy. So try to avoid the last minute bookings if you can.

If the Mirror Me Photo Booth is something you are interested in for your wedding please visit we would love to help you on your big day. Our packages are all inclusive so no nasty surprises when booking. We look after all the details and all you have to do is enjoy your wedding and look beautiful. You won’t be disappointed with the Mirror Booth so call or book TODAY.

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